Junk/Art Journaling!

While I was away, contemplating life following a mini health crisis, I decided that I needed to find something to do that would keep me busy, but also nurtured my creativity. I stumbled upon the fabulous Art/Junk Journal life.

I was at one of my favorite shops with the kids (Flying Tiger) to pick up some halloween deco, and I also picked up some stickers and other cutesy stuff that I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with.

Now, I cannot for the life of me recall how I came across Sugar, also knows as Liz Drake, but she was so incredibly inspiring with her fabulous art, and made everything seem SO easy and accessible, I knew I had to give this junk/art journaling lark a try!

What better time then between October and December, when everything is so fun and festive, to get going on some awesome art projects? I gathered up the stickers, glue, scrapbook paper and paint that I had, and went to work.

It was so liberating to do something without expectation, with no attachment to the outcome. It also didn’t cost much, only less than 10 euros on stickers and washi tape. At the end I had a wonderful little messy work of art. I uploaded a quick flip through of my Halloween journal on to Youtube, if you want to check that out!

I have now gone on to a Christmas themed journal, two actually, as me and my baby are working on one together. It’s great idea for kids too, we are being messy with the paints, glitter glue and stickers. I have also added in some of his past artwork from school, another way to use these little treasures that seem to pile up endlessly…

An idea for my tarot people, if you have decks that you no longer use or resonate with, just use the imagery in your art projects! I have started another journal with fairy imagery, and I’m using a Doreen Virtue deck for that, seeing as I may have a hard time getting someone to take it… I digress.

SO, that’s it, for now, hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday season!

Blessings xoxoxo

Junk/Art Journaling!

Happy Thanksgiving?

Hello Loves,

I know, two posts in two days… I’m on a roll!

Well, this topic was just too important to ignore, because in the United States, today is not an ordinary day. It’s Thanksgiving! I should be excited, and battling a turkey or something right? Well…

Here’s this thing, growing up in the United States we were taught about how the Pilgrims and the Indigenous peoples sat down peacefully together for a meal, and all was well…trouble is, that’s not the truth.

2017 has been such a year of revelation, and with social media, people are able to get ideas across like never before. People are very aware of the truth behind Thanksgiving, but many choose to ignore it because it’s “negative”. Now, I am all for the sacredness of family time and a sharing a meal, that’s beside the point. The important thing is that we are aware of what this holiday really means, and what we are actually celebrating. For the Native people, what we are actually celebrating, is a genocide.

I have decided that the best way to address this was with the Vision Quest Tarot. I simply asked what I need to know about this day, and how to address this situation.


I received the Four of Earth.


To me, this says a few things. What jumps out at me is acknowledging the obvious greed of the invaders, and the desire to hoard all the resources of the people who were there first. We must remember, that this theme is continually repeating itself throughout history, and that educators especially need to get this point across, without falling into the commercialized narrative we have been sold.

I also see a need to honor Mother Earth, and know that She will provide, but not as long as we continue to hurt and rape the land as we have been for far too long.

In closing, enjoy that time with your families, but and at the same time, remember those who weren’t awarded that luxury. Above all else, teach the children the truth, so that the lessons are not lost, and so many men, women and children who were so brutally taken from us, didn’t die in vain.

Happy Thanksgiving?

Running Away with the Belly Dance Troupe


Hello Beautiful,

If we are connected on social media, you may have seen my posts about dance.

“Yes, it is hard, but it is so worth it. You learn the way your body moves and how it works. It gives you an appreciation of yourself and your body that most women never have. You find the Goddess and she is within you. That’s what belly dancing does.”

My dear sister Susan said this when I was talking about starting Bellydance class. A couple of months in, and I realize how right she was. As I write this post, I have just recently mastered the “body wave”, one of many moves that dancers make look so easy and effortless, I can assure you, it’s not! But in practice, discoveries have been made, it’s almost like navigating a new landscape, rather than this same body I should know well after being in it for 38 years.

At the same time as my dance adventures, I had a bit of a medical crisis, which caused me intense stress for about two weeks. While all came out fine in the end, I wasn’t the same. I was put in a position that caused me to really evaluate life, and what I want. I knew I couldn’t go back to my usual ways, letting life pass me by, abandoning hopes and dreams. Life was suddenly so fleeting, I was hyper aware of my mortality, and while it scared me, it also drove me to make changes.

This is also why I have been so quiet, but I truly miss engaging with you and I hope to do that more in the future.

I now deliberately set out to do things to make me happy, and right now that is dancing. Who knows, I may end up running away with that bellydance troupe after all!

Love and blessings xoxo

Running Away with the Belly Dance Troupe

Cat Decks and Cat Magic

I have, as of late, become really intrigued by cat decks. We don’t have a fur baby of the feline persuasion, but the children want one, badly. Something that keeps us from adding to our family, is the fact that we travel a couple of times a year, and would have no one to look after a cat for us in our absence. Still, we long for a kitty of our own.

Perhaps this is why I have taken a liking to cat decks. Filling the void.

At first, I thought these may be just novelty, but they really aren’t! They provide wonderful insight and of course harken to those days of cats as divine in ancient Egypt. There is a wisdom that cannot be denied, and of we listen closely, we just may catch it.


The two decks I am showing you in this post are the Black Cats Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo, and Tarot of The Cat People, by US Games.


The Black Cats Tarot, is an adorable deck featuring (mostly) black cats in mainly Smith- Waite style. The artwork is lovely, clear, and almost childlike. The black borders and beautiful backings make the colors really pop. It looks very much like a children’s story playing out, but don’t let the appearance fool you! The deck is very honest, and right to the point. It has been a pleasure to work with, so far. I am currently doing daily draws with this on Instagram.

The Tarot of the Cat People has a totally different vibe. This cool cat (you see what I did there), is based on a sic-fi storyline that has the cat people coming from different planets. It’s really colorful, fun deck, with all the costumes and kitties, it’s like you’re stepping into an Ursula Le Guin story. Sci-fi lit nerds will get that reference. This deck is also very Smith-Waite, so if you’re familiar with that system, it will be easy to use. It reads beautifully as well, and sometimes you feel like you can step right into the cosmic storyline!

I did a couple of different spreads to show you some of the images.

Black Cat's Tarot
Black Cats Tarot
Tarot of the Cat People
Tarot of the Cat People

What can I say? I am in love with these decks! If you are a cat lover, I can highly recommend either of these two, or both.

Many blessings!

Cat Decks and Cat Magic

Tarotscopes For September 2017

Hello Loves!
I don’t know where this year is going, but I cannot believe September is almost here! I have decided to call in Goddess energy for our readings this month, because I feel a need for some deep grounding energy, particularly since things have been crazy, cosmically speaking. You’ll notice that a couple of Goddesses came through more than once. Perhaps we should all, as a collective pay attention to the messages of Kali and Sheila Na Gig.

Aries – Sheila Na Gig and the 5 of Swords – The powerful Irish Goddess Goddess of birth and death has come through with a strong message of moving forward past whatever stagnation or sense of defeat you may have been feeling lately. Sometimes we get stuck in the banality of life, and end up unsure of what do do next. Know that it isn’t over, you’re still here, and its time to take that next step and push forward.

IMG_5455Taurus – Hathor and Queen of Wands – Sticking to your Venus energy, you have some powerful, passionate, and forceful energies to work with this month! Hathor reminds you to take time for yourself and enjoy the pleasures of life. We can get so busy with our day to day, that we forget what brings us joy, and perhaps, find ourselves missing that fire energy and intensity that drives us. Reconnect with that essential part of you again, and watch all aspects of your life blossom as a result.

Gemini – Corn Woman and (Wheel of) Fortune – Remain open to the blessings in your life, however small they may seem. A simple act of taking into your body what nourishes you and gives you strength is an act of self-love. When you treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve, the Universe will pour down more for you to enjoy. Remember that abundance is your birthright, and there is enough for everyone, always.

Cancer – Kali and Strength – Some serious energy for you this month, Cancer! The at times jarring imagery of fierce Kali can be a bit overwhelming at times, but if you heed her message (or warning), it is a potent one indeed. We all have fears lurking inside of us, perhaps they come up when you are about to fall asleep at night? The strength card serves as a gentle reminder that, we do not need nor require brute force to take on our fears. Know that you have the powerful within you, and you can conquer anything that gets in your way.

Leo – Kali and Wisdom (The High Priestess) – You greatest strength lies within your intuition, or inner knowing. Whatever challenges you may be facing, or fears that are rising to the surface, can be reconciled with the understanding that you carry all the answers within. Consult your own inner high priestess this month, to help you overcome whatever life throws at you, and remember that behind the fierceness and the roar, your heart os the most powerful tool you have.

Virgo – Nut and 6 of Swords – Perhaps you find yourself moving on past a situation this month, and stepping outside of your comfort zone to do that, brings you a bit of anxiety. Sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control, causing us to take much needed measures, without prior planning. It’s impossible to control every aspect of life, and sometimes the lesson lies in learning to let go, and allow the Universe to lead you in the direction you are meant to be in. Take heart in the knowledge that better things are waiting for you.

Libra – Kuan Yin and The Star – Innana, Queen of heaven reminds you to look to the stars for guidance, as beloved Kuan Yin, Mother of Compassion, is asking you to look within your heart for compassion, and your own guidance. It’s never really outside of you. Should you be feeling lost, or in need of wisdom, our hearts carry the same material as the stars. We have all the answers, it’s only a matter of being still enough to listen to the wisdom.

Scorpio – Artemis and Judgment – Much needed change is in your life at the moment, and maybe you are hesitant. It’s natural to feel this way, the unknown can be a little scary at times. But just like Artemis bravely carved out her own unique life path, so can you. It’s tome to take those first steps in creating your own new world. Don’t forget the much needed boundaries, in order to honor and respect yourself and your sacred space.

Sagittarius – Shelia Na Gig and Love (The Lovers) – Shelia Na Gig is here to encourage you to open up to the possibility of love in your life. Whether that love be new, renewed, or the all important, self- love, it is necessary in your life and a point of particular focus for you this month. Love is a powerful emotion, it can move mountains, and cause wars, so tread carefully with this incredible force.

Capricorn – Maat and 8 of Cups – Maat is here with a message of loving justice for you. Maybe you have been wronged by someone recently, and are unsure of how to respond to this. It can be difficult to carry these feelings of hurt, while people behave a certain way and seemingly, get away with it. Remember you have power in this situation, you can walk away from this and move on to something better. Sometimes people act this way, and subsequently leave your life, in order to make room for something better. Hand over the need for justice to the Universe, and move about your life with grace and dignity.

Aquarius – Minerva and 2 of Cups – While the 2 of cups typically indicates a partnership of some sort, most often romantic, in this case the message has come with Minerva, reminding you to nurture who you really are on the inside, before considering partnerships in your life. Without integrating all the parts of you, shadow and light, you may feel “off” or out of balance. It’s vital to accept the parts of you that maybe aren’t your favorite, because they also serve a purpose. The ultimate act of (self) love, is loving and unconditionally accepting yourself, every single part.

Pisces – Sheila Na Gig and Queen of Wands – The Queen of Wands and her fiery energy has come through with Sheila Na Gig, to remind you of the passion you have burning within you, that you may have allowed to go out. It’s ok, it happens in life sometimes, we cannot be “on” all the time. it’s important to remember that at any moment, you can create that again, for yourself, and open up a portal of every and passion, just like the Goddess shows us how to do. Reconnect with what you know with ignite your spark, and watch magic happen.

Tarotscopes For September 2017

My Thoughts on Doreen Virtue


Hello Loves,

I am writing about a subject that has been on my mind for a little while, and recent events have caused me to feel like I can no longer hold in my thoughts, I need to share them, with you.

If you are in any way connected to the spiritual community, you will have heard about Doreen Virtue’s new path. She eloquently describes in a new video about a dramatic conversion she has had. But in that same video, she also denounces Tarot work, honoring of pagan idols, and mediumship.

Those of us who heard about her baptism in January, perhaps saw this coming. There was, in fact a video that she did put up, discussing these ideas, but it was quickly taken down, for the record, I did not view this video.

Now, I have certified with Doreen, more than once, most recently taking her Angel Intuitive Course, earlier this year, and still going through her most recent Angelologist course. I have respect for her and her teachings, and in fact, she was a very pivotal part of my spiritual path.

When I was pregnant with my second son, I was very nervous. It had taken a long time to conceive, and when I did, I started to have complications. A dear friend, told me about Doreen, and gave me a couple of books to read. They immediately brought me peace, and calm. I was so enamored with her, I went and purchased my very first two oracle decks, “Magical Mermaid and Dolphins, and the Archangel Oracle, both if which I still have.


Fast forward some years later, and I started taking her online courses, and thoroughly enjoying them. Doreen was my gateway, she was my gentle invitation into this world. For someone who grew up in a patriarchal tradition, this new world was a beautiful one, full of promise.

I have evolved in my spirituality, I have found my way, and I am forever learning. I may not pick up her decks as much these days, but they are a reminder of my beginnings, and I honor this always.

Yes, I was saddened by her words, but at the same time, I honor her path as well. While I can no longer resonate with her, where she is now, I lovingly cherish her prior work, and the learning I received. I believe these things all came from an authentic place, and it is important to honor the teaching rather that elevating the teacher. The teacher is only human too, and subject to their own evolution.

Thank you so much for reading, I send you all of my love, and so many blessings.

Tamara xoxo

My Thoughts on Doreen Virtue

Lion’s Gate Portal and Other Cosmic Awesomeness


August 8th is an important time of the year, and in particular this year. It is the time when the Sirian star system lines up with the Pyramids of Giza, in the star sign of Leo, hence the name, Lion’s Gate.

So, exactly what is this Lion’s Gate, and why should you pay attention?


The date 8/8 is vital here. 8 is a very potent and divine number, and many cultures have regarded it as such. Turn 8 on its side and you have the infinity symbol, representing limitless time and space.

It is said that this is a portal, where information flows freely, and the Universe (our off world family) is sending us downloads in order to assist in our ascension. You often hear the phrase 3D reality, and this is what you see around you, with your normal vision, but the 5D reality, which is the goal here, is the “unseen” or rather unseen with the naked eye. This is “seen” with your 3rd eye, or pineal gland. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself inspired, particularly in creative realms. Pay attention to your dreams as well, we get so many messages during dream time, so keep a journal next to your bed to make notes about what you receive.

This year’s Lion’s Gate is even more potent, it comes along with a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Yup, the energies are incredible!

Look around you, the old paradigms are starting to collapse, things are so blatantly obvious these days, people are seemingly waking up now more than ever. Ask yourself why that is.

I do believe we are in the midst of an “upgrade”, and this will take years to complete, but we are well on our way.

With Love and Blessings,

Lion’s Gate Portal and Other Cosmic Awesomeness

Musings on the “Sacred Prostitute”

Hello My Loves,

After spending some time reconnecting with the Magdalene Oracle and the essence of Mary Magdalene herself, I felt the need to write this bit about the phrase I hear thrown around quite a bit, “Sacred Prostitute”.

From the Magdalene Oracle By Toni Carmine Salerno
From the Magdalene Oracle
By Toni Carmine Salerno

It is a phrase that irks me, and I have, in fact even made mention of it in my book of poetry.

Sexuality was made profane by Abrahamic traditions, and the patriarchal structure that it upheld, women as a result were taken out of the public sphere and pushed behind closed doors, not to be seen or heard, as they are sexual creatures who will steer you wrong, if given half the chance, (Hello, Eve in the Garden).

But ancient civilizations have held sexuality, particularly that of a woman, as something incredibly holy and sacred. In my own culture, Inanna, sacred sexuality, or Hieros Gamos (Sacred Union) was something the Goddess herself engaged in, as did her Priestesses. A man could only be crowned King, with her consent through this union. Metaphysically speaking, a man could only ascend through union with his female counterpart.

So, when the Church came along and called Mary Magdalene a prostitute, to malign her image and her undoubtedly potent message, how can we turn around and call the divine feminine a sacred prostitute as a badge of honor?

I understand that women say they are reclaiming the word in order to heal from the pain caused by it, however, if we are to truly break free from this oppressive paradigm that has been forced upon us, we cannot use the same language of our oppressors. As Audre Lord said, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”

We have to look to the time of the Goddess, when women and their bodies were honored. Where sex, outside of this patriarchal construct of marriage and ownership, was a ritual act of ascension, and holy.

In changing our language, we can change our reality. Words are spells, it is said, so why continue to cast this negative connotation on women and their powerful sexuality?

It is also vitally important to note, that the practice of sacred sexuality in matriarchal/Goddess-centered (or at least respected) societies, is vastly different to the current patriarchal paradigm. There are many abusers out there seeking to use this practice to violate others, and this is absolutely profane and criminal. I have, in fact, come across these individuals in my own journey, and will always caution women to tread carefully when someone starts throwing around these terms. Make sure you intuitively understand what their motivations are.

I am always open to discussion, and other viewpoints, but let us always be respectful of each other.

With love,

Musings on the “Sacred Prostitute”

Love Yourself Harder

What do you do when they don’t accept you for who you are? What if the one who vowed to love you always, makes you feel so small. What if you’re always too soft, and your hair is never right, and your bare face is seemingly abhorrent?

I’ll tell you what to do, love yourself harder.

I know it sounds so cliche, and I don’t mean to come across that way at all. But you see, I am writing from a space of knowing, this isn’t all abstract, this is reality.

When you have been pushed around for so long, you don’t know any other way, it’s time for a change.

Love is revolutionary, love moves mountains, and self-love, is orgasmic.

Why? You might ask..

It’s the least they expect out of you, the want to see you crumble, and cry and loathe yourself. They want that reaction out of you. But if you stand up and say “I am worthy”, it’s a mindfuck.

Love yourself harder.

Love Yourself Harder

Tarotscopes for August 2017 <3

Hi my loves!
I decided to try something here. I am a long time admirer of astrology, and I am in fact in the midst of a rather comprehensive course, so I thought I would merge tarot and astrology, and give you messages for the month of August! I did do this many moons ago, on my Youtube channel just before Samhain, so this isn’t totally new, just the format has changed. May these messages bring you the guidance you need, sending you all my love.


Hello Aries! This month the handsome and emotional Knight of Cups has come through. It could mean there is a new love interest on the horizon, or perhaps a young man close to you in your life will reconnect this month. This knight also brings deep emotion and spirituality, you could be taking a journey, either with your love (budding love) or a friend. Our Knight holds a cup, or a grail, to symbolize the Divine feminine, so there is some sort of union, whether physical or alchemical in store for you. Allow your emotions a space, listen to your intuition, it will serve you well.


Hello Taurus! The Five of Swords has shown up for you. Now, this could indicate that perhaps there is some conflict that has/will happen, that may leave you feeling a little defeated, or even embarrassed. Take heart, and know that whatever it was will resolve itself, and know you have the power to respond in a healthy way to this. The Fairies in the card are indicative of their sometimes mischievous nature, but also serve as a reminder that sometimes we have to acknowledge we cannot win at everything. Learn to find the humor in the situation.


Hello Gemini! The fiery Ace of Wands has appeared for you this month. This is the epitome of fire energy and passion, the start of something new. Have the courage to put your idea into motion, the seed was planted and will now spring forth into new possibility. Are you considering a career change, or starting your own business? Perhaps you want to explore your artistic side, and interests aside from the mundane, dat to day life, go for it. Now that now is the time to turn all of your dreams into reality, you deserve it.


Hello Cancer! It’s the Ten of Pentacles for you this month. This is a beautiful card carrying the message of abundance and love. Family bonds are strong, and you feel supported and loved unconditionally. You have a fulfillment that is not necessarily measured in financial aspects (although this could be part if it), but through family love. Family is not always blood, family can also be chosen, it could be those you align closely with spiritually too, it could even be your beloved fur babies. Whatever the case may be for you, take this moment to honor those loved ones, and their presence in your life.


Hello Leo! The Seven of Swords has made an appearance for you this month. Perhaps a bit of advice here, if you’re considering doing something a little sneaky and underhanded, you might get found out. It’s always best to be upfront and honest about things, rather than risk the humiliation of being caught in compromising situations. Its could also mean that someone in your life is perhaps trying to get the upper hand in less than decent ways. If you suspect that, open communication could resolve that and nip it in the bud. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of.


Hello Virgo! The Hermit is here to remind you to take time away from the madness of life to regroup and center yourself. Sometimes we can get caught up with all of our responsibilities and seemingly endless number of things to squeeze into a day, this can quickly lead to burnout. You have got to carve out time for yourself to do a little introspection, perhaps getting up just a few minutes earlier each day for a meditation, or go to those yoga classes you’ve been meaning to attend. Connect with yourself spiritually, check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling about your life the way it is, are you happy? Do you need to make some changes? Now is the time to ask those vital questions that only you have the answer to.


Hello Libra! The Eight of Wands have come flying into your message this month. This signifies swift movement within an area of your life that hasn’t been moving along so quickly. Maybe a successful business deal will conclude in your favor, or you’ll get that house you’ve had your heart set on. The fiery passion of the wands show a positive outcome to whatever it is that was pending in your life. It could also indicate a trip, perhaps work related.


Hello Scorpio! The beautiful Queen of Pentacles has come through for you this month. She is an earth mother, and related to bounty and well living. This is a reminder to enjoy the beauty that is around you, even when things don’t seem so great, there is always beauty to be found if you look, stepping outside in nature once in a while, or even just opening a window for some air. perhaps there is a mother, or mother figure in your life who is always looking after you, take time to honor her and give gratitude for her love.


Hello Sagittarius! Well, the Three of Swords is here for you this month. It is a jarring image indeed, and doesn’t need much explanation. Something has/will cause you heartache, and yes, it will be uncomfortable. Guess what? You have more power than you realize here, how you choose to respond to this heartache is all up to you. Don’t dwell here, in this place of pain, allow yourself to grieve, take the lesson, and move forward. Know that the sun will shine again, and you will heal, and emerge from this stronger than ever.


Hello Capricorn! The Three of Pentacles is here to remind you that all your hard work is paying off. All those long nights you put in on that project, or small business, will pay off very soon for you, even thought sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, it’s all divine timing. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing that promotion at work? Or maybe you’re looking to go back to school and learn new skill for work or your own knowledge. Don’t give up, success is right around the corner, just stay the course.


Hello Aquarius! Well, it looks like you may find yourself in a bit of a rut, as illustrated by the Four of Cups. This happens to the best of us, don’t worry! Know that opportunity can come from the most unlikely places, and now is the time to accept that help from the universe. Don’t dwell in your boredom, and allow complacency to take over your life. A little change could do you so much good now. Look up and see the opportunities that await you.


Hello Pisces! The regal King of Cups is here for you this month. You are reminded to honor your intuitive gifts and emotions, as well as your creative gifts, they will serve you very well. Perhaps an issue may come up that threatens to overwhelm you emotionally, it’s important to learn to balance your feelings, especially in moments that test you. Acknowledge your feelings, and don’t let them get the better of you.

Tarotscopes for August 2017 <3